TheLifeErotic - Jade - Tied Up (September 14, 2018)

14-09-2018, 15:34

TheLifeErotic - Jade - Tied Up (September 14, 2018)
As an atmospheric piano soundtrack plays, gorgeous Jade is being expertly bound with ropes, Japanese-style. Pretty, with blue eyes, long, strawberry-blonde hair and a striking forearm tattoo, she is wearing only a pair of split-crotch burgundy pantyhose – her small, perfect breasts and shaved pussy are left bare. The rough ropes intricately looped around her legs, from thigh to ankle, keep them bent at the knee in such a way that they naturally splay apart. Left sitting on the bed, she begins to masturbate, running her fingers over her body and homing in on her snatch. The music fades and we hear her take deep, sighing breaths as she becomes more aroused. Her fingers circle her clit, reaming her slit and she switches hands occasionally, raising one to her mouth so she can taste her juices while the other keeps her hot. Next, her self-pleasure takes a kinkier twist as she spanks her pussy. She resumes rubbing it, moaning all the while, hand shaking as two fingers probe deep inside. Then her body quivers and she humps her ass up off of the bed as she cums. While she recovers from her intense orgasm, her hands glide over her body and caress her legs. The full effects of her bondage are now felt as her movements remain restricted – she is still unable to flex or stretch her legs. Seeking comfort, she changes position, then distracts herself by masturbating again. On all fours, she reaches back and then down between her thighs to tease her moist slit, then she fingerbangs herself to another, even more powerful climax. Her moans are now sobs and her hose-clad toes are pointed as she cums, body rocking on the bed. Satisfied at last – though still bound – she sprawls back on the sheets, stroking her curves, then playfully bats away the camera as it moves in for one final close-up...

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