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  • Date: 22-06-2015, 09:02
22-06-2015, 09:02

CzechStreets 81 Helen

Сategory: Sex in public places, Sex for money

CzechStreets 81 Helen
"Hello! My name is Honza. I accepted the challenge and took over the camera in the legendary Czech Streets series. I will do my best to improve it. I am going to talk quite Czech chick fuck for money in public. My first mission began on Wenceslas Square. I gave three great at any chicks that showed me her jugs. Do you want to know the hard statistics? 10: 2 for peevish chicks. The crushing defeat of the daredevils chick was more than offset by an incredibly courageous sample. Katerina, 20, is a student. I gave her 20,000 in cash, but I could do anything I wanted with her. I gave her asshole fucking dirty pounding and spat on her naughty face !!! That was a hell of a tour of my life! You could be the most beautiful of all the chicks in the history of the series! Stay tuned!"
CzechStreets 81 HelenCzechStreets 81 Helen

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