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  • Date: 29-09-2014, 13:15
29-09-2014, 13:15

abbywinters Agnes V.

Сategory: Natural Female Body (AbbyWinters)

abbywinters Agnes V.abbywinters Agnes V.
The thin straps of Agnes' bra slip over her dark nipples, brushing against the sensitive ends, making them grow even harder. Looking at her reflection in the mirror Agnes smiles at the beautiful Asian woman smiling back at her, continuing to stimulate her breasts while sitting on the sofa.
Brushing out her long hair Agnes starts to peel off her clothing, occasionally taking in her reflection in the large mirror. Pulling at her cotton panties, Agnes stretches the fabric till it rises up into a thin strip, revealing her perfect shave job. Naked, she wiggles around on the sofa, pressing the soles of her bare feet together in a flexible position that showcases her firm bottom and other intimate parts. With delicate fingers she opens her dark labia lips to expose the pink insides and her small clit before she wiggles her hips, grinding at the air on top of an invisible lover, showing us how she moves when having sex.
abbywinters Agnes V.abbywinters Agnes V.
abbywinters Agnes V.abbywinters Agnes V.

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