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  • Date: 9-05-2017, 21:48
9-05-2017, 21:48

Ifeelmyself option A 1 by Caisa - 7 May 2017 (720p)

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Ifeelmyself option A 1 by Caisa
Ifeelmyself option A 1 by Caisa - 7 May 2017 (720p)
You know how the queue you're not in always moves faster? There's a similar law that applies to unattended videography. It goes something like this: "No matter how many cameras you run, when a memory card fails it will always be on the one you're using to record the soundtrack". Fortunately, we do have backup mics, but the quality of today's audio isn't quite up to the standard you expect to IFM. Our apologies. That said, who needs great sound when you've got Caisa to watch? She's got such a cheeky face and manner to her, like, maybe she could lay back and have a wank like all the rest, or maybe – wink wink – she might not. Maybe she’ll just get all naked and have a nap – wouldn’t that be grand? I’m glad she chooses option A, though – and her body is clearly very glad too.
Ifeelmyself option A 1 by Caisa

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