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  • Date: 2-08-2017, 00:25
2-08-2017, 00:25

GirlsOutWest Paris Window Shopping - 3 December 2014 (1080p)

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GirlsOutWest Paris Window Shopping
GirlsOutWest Paris Window Shopping - 3 December 2014 (1080p)
Wearing only a little white dress and dirty sneakers Paris walks the streets alone, at night. Dreaming of new stilhettos she pushes herself up against the cold glass, feeling her nipples getting harder and harder, excitement builds in her little pink pussy.
Paris needs to find a secluded place to beat off. Running around at night, she desperate to fiddle her fanny. Under a street light she squats, her pussy opens naturally, she fingers herself, imaging all the shoes she wants but cannot have.
GirlsOutWest Paris Window Shopping

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