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  • Date: 13-03-2018, 16:35
13-03-2018, 16:35

GirlsOutWest Shelly PreShoot BTS - 27 March 2013 (720p)

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GirlsOutWest Shelly PreShoot BTS
GirlsOutWest Shelly PreShoot BTS - 27 March 2013 (720p)
It was a boiling hot day with temps hitting 40 degrees when she shot Shelly. The killer heat, and the heavy gear made us all a bit lethargic by the end, so we got some energy drinks & fish n chips and headed back to the GoW Orifice for a nice cool down in the shower. The sparks were flying all day between Shelly and Cleo so in jumps Cleo to lend a helping hand. We care about our girls here, we care that they are having a good time, we care that they don’t feel alone, abandoned, naked in the shower with a throbbing pussy that’s out of control. Shelly is a really cute, shy girl, so let’s hear what she has to see about her wild day with the chicks out west.
GirlsOutWest Shelly PreShoot BTS


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