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  • Date: 12-03-2018, 19:34
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GirlsOutWest Miss Fist REMASTERED - 17 April 2013 (1080p)

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GirlsOutWest Miss Fist REMASTERED
GirlsOutWest Miss Fist REMASTERED - 17 April 2013 (1080p)
Page rides her face. Grinding her pussy into Carolina's face in a 69er. The heat builds up as they finger fuck and lick and suck till they shake with more orgasms than you can poke a stick at. Carolina wets Page's cunt with her saliva. Her fingers gradually enter her pussy, one at at time, slowly at first, until her whole hand slips in. Carolina is FISTING Page and she can’t believe her whole hand is going deep into her cunt. Slowly at first, Page works the clit and four fingers slide in just like magic. A little twist of the wrist, and Carolina is opening right up. Fisting can be an amazing thing to watch and Carolina is doing well for her first time.
GirlsOutWest Miss Fist REMASTERED


Classics Remastered Carolina Page

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