Ersties Elia 28 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

13-04-2019, 06:57
“Freaky is always good for me” is Elia’s slogan and it perfectly describes her. She has a doll fetish and likes to wear self-designed catsuits, bows in her hair and pretty pink attire! We are a bit jealous of her ‘toys’ being able to watch her every day!
Ersties Elia 28 years - Masturbation

Weird and Wonderful Elia
We have seen Elia before, but this time is her first solo shoot at Ersties, and we are very happy that she invited us over to get to know her a bit better. Why? Because this girl is so interesting and weird at the same time that she might teach us something even we don’t know. Elia is very good at wrapping us around her little finger, with her cute smile, braids and special designed catsuit with cheeky cut outs… it is modelled on a sex doll like Dora, a friend she also sleeps with. What appears ‘alien’ to us is important to the open-minded girl because it is about crossing borders and the aesthetics. But even a freaky girl like Elia has fantasies. To receive vaginal fisting, to really experience what that feels like. Other than that, vibrators, fingering toys and her favourite glass dildo are always very welcome in her pink boudoir. As are we so don’t hesitate to enter and experience a kinky adventure!
Ersties Elia 28 years - Masturbation

The secrets of a Kinky Dolly
Sitting on her pink and very cosy looking bed surrounded by her favourite toys, Elia reveals to us more about her fetishes and special art project. It is a porn art sex project that she enjoys with her friend Dora. See for yourself – this girl is out of this world!
Ersties Elia 28 years - Masturbation

Think Pink
A spiky ball to warm herself is Elia’s first sex toy of the day. Then she brings out 2 or 3 more of her favourite toys… how enjoyable it is for her, we can tell from her very wet pussy. Oh, gotcha! Who can’t resist a freaky sex loving brunette!?
Ersties Elia 28 years - Masturbation

The Joy of deep Masturbation
Give Elia some flowers and she will use them to slap her breasts! Or give her a plush toy with a horn and it will be used for touching her pussy! You know what a vibrator and glass dildo are for, but you won’t be disappointed to see it (again and again)!
Ersties Elia 28 years - Masturbation

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