Ersties Freya 28 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

12-03-2019, 02:24
When 28-year-old Freya looked at us with her sparkly eyes and big smile we thought: who could resist this beauty? Although she’s single Freya never gets bored when surrounded by her favourite sex toys… or a porno! Very much an Ersties kinda girl!
Ersties Freya 28 years - Masturbation

The Art of Presentation
The first impression you get of Freya is that she is a nice, nature loving girl who loves to play with her dog, surrounded by her family. But there is something else we can spot, a glint in her eyes that hints at a different, more sexual side… Being single doesn’t mean you don’t have sex. So German girl Freya is keen to tell us everything about how she is living the single life – how often she masturbates, meeting sex partners, using toys, imagining the perfect dick, the best places for having sex… this girl know what she wants! Be ready for an Ersties girl whose way of looking super-hot can’t be topped! Naked or in her black lace lingerie…Freya is simply stunning!
Ersties Freya 28 years - Masturbation

A girl who knows her own mind
Freya just loves to be naked! Still, in her own words, she tells us that “my kind of fetish is black lace lingerie”. We definitely have to agree that she looks incredible, a fetish we clearly share! This German girl has a lot of experiences with sex but is open to add more practices and places to her repertoire.

From being naked…
…to putting on some very hot clothes! Ersties girl Freya likes it rather the other way around and shows us how sexy it can be to put on lace in different ways. She’s a girl who adorns herself with beautiful things and likes to look at the result.

A porno, a dildo, an orgasm
Change of location into Freya’s bed. But what do we spot on there? A laptop? Yeah, because watching porn while masturbating is such a normal thing to do for her. We don’t mind and love watching her in action!
Ersties Freya 28 years - Masturbation Ersties Freya 28 years - Masturbation Ersties Freya 28 years - Masturbation

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She is one of the hottest girls on here.
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