Ersties Valentina 35 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

10-03-2019, 02:46
Valentina is a very special Ersties girl. There are hardly any sexual fantasies the cute Italian hasn’t experienced – she tells us about how to enjoy best anal sex, and her thoughts while masturbating at home.
Ersties Valentina 35 years - Masturbation

Living Life to the fullest
When brown-eyed beauty Valentina is on vacation with her girlfriends she loves to eat good food, sleep a lot and fuck. No better description for a holiday! At home she has a partner but it’s an open relationship and how she describes it, it sounds like a perfect agreement! They met at an orgy, watch porn together and just have fun.

“You have to love your body first” is the best advise this specialist in anal sex can give us. Valentina who is now living in Spain knows what she’s talking about. It is a different kind of sex and difficult to understand, that is why loving every part of yourself is so important. Having a toy on hand makes the experience even better.

Here is this girl… wearing her Rolling Stones t-shirt with pink glittery nails. A girl enjoying life and living it to the full!
Ersties Valentina 35 years - Masturbation

A Teasing Game
Valentina loves sex. With men, with women, in an orgy, with a toy, in a threesome and in every way possible. But today it’s all about herself. With a playful smile she knows exactly how to touch herself and tease us! Every pose she presents whet’s our appetite!

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