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  • Date: 14-07-2018, 20:59
14-07-2018, 20:59

Ersties Loretta and Ray - Lesbian (1080p/photo) Updated

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Ersties Loretta and Ray - Lesbian

The Queens of Innuendo: Loretta and Ray
An article about pumpkin desserts makes Loretta and Ray think dirty thoughts. It's quite practical that they're both only wearing lace underwear – so there's not too much for them to take off.

When you watch them as they ride their tongues over the exquisite material, you can almost feel their skin tingling! Loretta's body has a very special bonus on offer: you barely need to touch her body before her pussy is ready for an extended round of licking.

And once it's Loretta's turn to get revenge, it's clear: these girls sure are tasty!
Ersties Loretta and Ray - Lesbian

Taste Me!
These two girls not only have an insanely similar look – they are also on the same level in bed!
Ersties Loretta and Ray - Lesbian

Learning from the Best
If you watch Ray while she gives Loretta's pussy some TLC with her tongue, you can tell right away she's a connoisseur at work. Loretta's enjoyment is clearly visible – and audible!
Ersties Loretta and Ray - Lesbian

Loretta Likes It from Behind
With a pink not-so-little helper, Ray penetrates Loretta from behind while she's on all fours. As pretty as she looks in this position, Ersties girls like to switch things up, so she doesn't stay in doggy style for too long.
Ersties Loretta and Ray - Lesbian

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missing part 3


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missing part 3


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