Ersties Lena M. 27 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

29-06-2018, 00:31
With waving hair and glowing eyes Lena (27) tells us of her six month stay on La Gomera: from life on the beaches, hot hours at the ocean and excessive sex parties…
Ersties Lena M. 27 years - Masturbation

Lena Makes Love Like a Hippie
The open-hearted Lena was able to spend six months in the swinging’ sixties. Free love and physical culture are still a big part of La Gomera today, but even after leaving the island, good sex plays an important role in the life of this beautiful blonde.

Now that she’s recently parted ways with her boyfriend, she has even more possibilities to satisfy her sexual desires and longings. Lena is happy to divulge details about all of this... Lena is down for whatever and is excited by sex.
Ersties Lena M. 27 years - Masturbation

Nach dem Interview mit Lena will man sofort in Urlaub fahren.
Ersties Lena M. 27 years - Masturbation

Es geht weiter mit Lena.
Ersties Lena M. 27 years - Masturbation

Es wird noch heißer.
Ersties Lena M. 27 years - Masturbation

Ein weiterer Teil von Lena ist Online!
Außerdem gibt's noch ein neues Update mit Steff (manchmal kommen beim Aufräumen wunderschöne und altvergessene Sachen zum Vorschein)
Ersties Lena M. 27 years - Masturbation

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