Ersties Vio 25 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

24-06-2018, 08:21
Vio (25) doesn’t see herself as a “classic beauty”. But she knows exactly if someone is attracted to her. And then she just walks up to him and asks abruptly “wanna fuck?”
Ersties Vio 25 years - Masturbation

Vio Makes Her Own Rules
Vio jobs around Berlin, sewing clothes and selling them to her friends or online. In the past, she really wanted to study fashion, but now she’s not so sure about that anymore. Maybe there’s something in the movie industry that’s more appealing to her?

She takes it all in stride – whatever comes will come. She (almost) has the same laid-back approach to sex. She was 13 when she first had sex with a woman, and 16 when she first had sex with a man. Ever since those days, she’s never been able to get enough.

Whenever she’s not in a relationship, she has lots of sex with all sorts of different people. Even now in her current relationship, things are anything but uptight. She and her current sweetheart are very dedicated to each other, but since he is currently abroad, they agreed to keep things a little more open.

But despite her passion for good sex, you won’t find Vio in any of the swinger clubs around town. At least, not anymore. She used to work as a waitress in one, and there she observed all the rules everyone had to agree to before having sex. But Vio isn’t one for strict rules.

So how else to seduce her? Vio gives us a hint… “Penis is such a beautiful word.”
Ersties Vio 25 years - Masturbation

Vio erzählt uns viele spannende Sachen über sich.
Ersties Vio 25 years - Masturbation

Mit einem fröhlichen Lächeln kommt Vio auf ihrer Couch gleich zur Sache. So, als ob sie es gar nicht mehr erwarten könnte, sind ihre gierigen Finger auch schon „an Ort und Stelle“. Und dann braucht es nicht mehr viel, bis sie dort ist, wo sie hin will….
Ersties Vio 25 years - Masturbation

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