Ersties Mui 25 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

22-06-2018, 21:56
Yin and Yang, Mui has two sides. One is sweet and caring, the other can be downright naughty. We fell in love with both sides and simply had to get to know her better. And we discovered she also has a curious streak, which we are excited to explore today.
Ersties Mui 25 years - Masturbation

Purely natural – Mui from her loveliest side
Mui has got to be the chillest person we've met in a long time. That's probably because of the clean Brandenburg air she grew up in. Mui loves being active outdoors, especially with good company. So, it's no wonder that she also likes having sex in the most unusual places – wherever she gets the urge. Her first time was on a beach, and from there, it seems, it has only gotten better.
Live and let live – that's Mui's motto. She likes to live every day as if it were her last. But there's still so much more that she wants to try out. As we talk with her, quite the to-do list starts coming together. Well, she can already strike one item off her list – after all, she's trying something new with us today. But not just because of the shoot. She also bought a new toy recently, and she is going to try it out for the first time! On top of that, she doesn't usually ever use toys. So that's actually three new things at once, making Mui our first official Ersties bingo winner (yes, of course that's a thing!). We're just as excited as she is to have all these new experiences, and we can't wait to see what prize her new little buddy has in store for her.
Ersties Mui 25 years - Masturbation

Mui ist eine wirklich süße Halbvietnamesin mit hübschem Gesicht und einem verführerischen Lächeln. Das Piercing unter ihrer Lippe ist noch dazu ein schicker Blickfang. -Sandra
Ersties Mui 25 years - Masturbation

Ihr neuer Dildo wartet schon
Als Mui auf ihrem gemütlichen Bett sitzt, geht es auch gleich zur Sache. Sie entledigt sich ihrer Kleidung und präsentiert sich uns völlig nackt. Sie genießt es sichtlich, sich selbst mit den Fingern zu verwöhnen. Als dann ihr neuer Dildo zum Einsatz kommt, gibt’s kein Halten mehr. -Sandra
Ersties Mui 25 years - Masturbation

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