Ersties Layla and Violet - Lesbian (1080p/photo)

19-06-2018, 13:25
Wow, take a step back, because when Layla and Violet meet, the sparks really start to fly. Like two natural forces clashing, their encounter is charged with a sheer primal energy.
Ersties Layla and Violet - Lesbian

These Two Make Such a Team
There's a first time for everything: and today's premiere involves two hot Ersties ladies and lots of moaning. That's because Violet gets fisted for the first time on camera. In the middle of foreplay, she tells the cute Layla that she's been craving this kind of adventure for a long time.
Layla is not shy and immediately agrees. It's also fun to watch a pussy get stretched like that, especially when the one getting fisted is squirming around so lustfully.
But don't worry: whatever kind of play you're into, you'll dig this clip featuring Layla and Violet. If you like girl-on-girl action, you'll love watching their sexy, fun-filled session!
Ersties Layla and Violet - Lesbian

Layla and Violet Let Off Some Steam
Violet and Layla giggle like kids in a sandbox as they roll around on the couch, making out and fumbling. We think their carefree mood is contagious!
Ersties Layla and Violet - Lesbian

Always Be Prepared!
Before Violet is going to ride Layla's clenched fist, her pussy has to be gently prepared for the challenge … and since it's not about the destination, but the journey, there is plenty of hot moaning from the get-go.
Ersties Layla and Violet - Lesbian

Violet and Layla Don't Do Things Half-Assed
If you give Violet a finger, she'll take a whole hand! And in this Ersties girl's case, she wants it up her pussy. We say: have fun fisting! And if you can't get enough of these two, you can hear them talk about how the ride felt in the interview that follows.
Ersties Layla and Violet - Lesbian
Ersties Layla and Violet - Lesbian


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