Ersties Lara 22 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

14-06-2018, 12:01
Lara (22) is a sexy gal from Brazil that just looks fantastic. Her incredible mane, great eyes, a nice mouth – she definitely a looker! She seems a bit shy, but she likes to show guys the ropes...
Ersties Lara 22 years - Masturbation

She can’t be tamed: Lara
When Lara laughs, she is suddenly so much prettier. She keeps bashfully tousling through her wild curls as she chats away with us about her most intimate secrets. By the way, her black toenails match the rest of her style perfectly… Now that she has gotten comfortable on the wide bed, she starts telling us what she enjoys most. When it comes to men, there’s this certain something in the way they look at her that attracts Lara the most. But she can’t stand simply being boorishly hit on. She prefers much more to approach the object of her desire on her own accord. When it comes to sex, the pretty Brazilian prefers being in charge. She does enjoy flirting, but she also prefers determining how far the whole thing winds up going. And she gets along quite well without any sex toys or the likes. The more natural and spontaneous her sex adventures are, the more comfortable she feels. Even if it wouldn’t seem so at first glance: Lara is strutting with confidence! And in a private face-to-face conversation, she shows us that she is always good for a surprise…
Ersties Lara 22 years - Masturbation
Ersties Lara 22 years - Masturbation
Ersties Lara 22 years - Masturbation
Ersties Lara 22 years - Masturbation


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