Ersties Abbey and Rosi 22-26 years - Lesbian (1080p/photo)

14-06-2018, 12:00
Small gifts keep a friendship alive. This applies also to Abbey and Rösi. This is why Abbey would really like to have a plaster cast of Rösi’s breasts. While Rösi is lying there half naked Abbey gets creative.
Ersties Abbey and Rosi 22-26 years - Lesbian

Best Friends Share It All: Abbey and Rösi
Now featuring intimate confessions among friends! The two pretty girls have a lot of fun applying plaster to each other on the bed. What had originally been planned to be something like “instructions to apply a plaster cast to breasts”, ends up turning out completely different after all. Because apparently such an imaginative “handiwork” is the perfect opportunity to explore deep, dark secrets, dreams and desires. By the way, whoever might have thought that the Swiss were a bit uptight can learn a thing or two from sweet Rösi. After she unabashedly talks about her erotic adventure with an attractive but lonesome milk farmer on an alpine mountain pasture, Abbey soon starts chatting away about her secrets. Both of them have such exciting tales to exchange…! And while the plaster cast dries, the two girls take advantage of the free time to finally prepare Rösi’s present. No, not a cast of her breasts – they are going to make a plaster cast of her pussy! Of course Rösi is very careful and loving throughout the whole process. Hand on your heart: who can actually say they have an image of their best friend’s vagina?
Ersties Abbey and Rosi 22-26 years - Lesbian
Ersties Abbey and Rosi 22-26 years - Lesbian

Jetzt wird’s heiß
Ersties Abbey and Rosi 22-26 years - Lesbian
Ersties Abbey and Rosi 22-26 years - Lesbian


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