Ersties Kim 24 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

12-06-2018, 10:59
Kim is sweet 24 and comes from the U.S.. Her cute blonde braids and the pretty face catch our eyes immediately. Kim is an unbelievably cheerful, happy Person that has a lot to tell us about...
Ersties Kim 24 years - Masturbation

A Real 90ies Girl: Kim
For a while now, she has been living and studying in sunny Australia. Here she is part of a certain school program but wants to have a lot of fun, too, of course. Especially with guys… The American gal has really great charisma, and her eyes light up when she tells us about her memories, of her wishes and dreams of sex and eroticism. Kim is a really cheerful soul who loves laying on the beach and partying with friends – and nestling into the arms of a strong guy. She totally digs muscular and hairy arms. A bodybuilder, however, would not be the man of her dreams. Just as important as having good sex is to have a man to be able to talk and discuss with. Disrespectful behavior and arrogance totally turn her off. Suddenly, Kim gets really excited when telling us about her first kiss. She can remember it as detailed as if it happened just yesterday.
Ersties Kim 24 years - Masturbation

"Cha-cha-chaaaa" – so klingt Kim’s Vibrator
Ersties Kim 24 years - Masturbation

Können Piercings einen Orgasmus verstärken? Kim ist sich da ganz sicher...
Ersties Kim 24 years - Masturbation

Die niedliche Studentin mit den langen Zöpfen
Ersties Kim 24 years - Masturbation

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