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  • Date: 5-06-2018, 23:16
5-06-2018, 23:16

Ersties Aurora 22 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

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Ersties Aurora 22 years - Masturbation

Splashing Around with Aurora
The first time she experienced Berlin’s Kreuzberg, she was done for. Just as we’re done for now, admiring this adorable girl with Asian roots. She loves how open and relaxed everybody here is. Funny, that’s what we love about her. Do we see a pattern emerging?

This gal does whatever she feels up to. Whether working as a media assistant or being a rock star, she’s tried it all, and her curiosity doesn’t stop at her jobs! In the sheets, she’s already had a lot of great experiences to share – with men AND women. One night stands? Why not!

Her ideal “dream prince’ has long hair and is covered in tattoos (we couldn’t agree more!). But that doesn’t mean there might not be a “dream princess” out there for her, too! Aurora is particularly fond of how beautiful women’s bodies are (again: SAME!).
Ersties Aurora 22 years - Masturbation
Her first time was early, when she was just 13, because she was bored. But it certainly paid off, because since then, she has never stopped enjoying discovering herself and her wonderful body. And she’s more than happy to take her lovers along on the journey! All she asks is that they take the lead and show her which way to go.
What she means with that, you ask? Have a look and see for yourself!
Ersties Aurora 22 years - Masturbation
Ersties Aurora 22 years - Masturbation
Ersties Aurora 22 years - Masturbation

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