Ersties Rita 21 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

5-06-2018, 23:15
Fifteen years ago, Rita came from Spain to Germany. She just finished secondary school and is now looking forward to a year of social service in South Africa. She loves wild animals, freedom and adventure.
Ersties Rita 21 years - Masturbation

Rita gives herself a treat
She still lives in Bavaria, but soon Rita will be venturing out into the world. That will clearly be a loss for the men around her, but anyway, this cute high-school grad isn’t so easily attainable... She’s not into it when guys try to make a move on her in the club. She only goes out to dance and have fun getting hit on is just annoying.

She’s not desperate for a man in her life right now. Although, she does have a little fling going on at the moment – but it’s nothing serious. But hey, if Mr. Right does cross her path, he can certainly show her what’s what.
Ersties Rita 21 years - Masturbation
Rita would be more than happy to have sex with a woman. But if so, she wants to be the one in control. If she likes the way a girl looks, she can certainly imagine some sex adventure or another. Never with one of her friends, though. But a little making out? No big deal. What does Rita particularly like about herself? Her ass. It’s firm, big and curvy. She shows us – and much more – right in front of the camera...
Ersties Rita 21 years - Masturbation

Was eine Sofa-Lehne mit Erotik zu tun hat? Rita zeigt es uns...
Ersties Rita 21 years - Masturbation

Zunächst noch ganz „unschuldig“ mit Brille und hochgestecktem Haar. Doch dann lässt Rita die Hüllen fallen.
Ersties Rita 21 years - Masturbation


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