Ersties Kim and Monika 20-21 years - Lesbian (1080p/photo)

28-05-2018, 04:25
Kim is 20 and works part-time at a law firm, and Monika is a bartender. A bar is also where the two girls got to know each other, and since then, they’ve been best friends. They even share a bed and a sofa and a kitchen table…
Ersties Kim and Monika 20-21 years - Lesbian

They are your Teeange Dream: Kim and Monika
When Kim gets home from the office in the evening, Monika starts her job at a Berlin nightclub. But despite their seemingly incompatible working hours, the two see each other regularly.

Having little time for each other just makes them more resourceful. And so, of course, they use whatever time they have together for copious lovemaking. Up until recently, Kim had a boyfriend. But he couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she continued to have sex with Monika. So he drew a line.

What the hell! The two blondes say that men are always chatting them up, whether in a bar or on the street. What can they say – they’ve got it going on. There was also another woman involved. But somehow Monika and Kim had imagined it differently with her. Overall, she preferred the world of men. As long as they were big with well defined muscles, everything else was fair game.

Berlin in general has a lot to offer in terms of sex. These two have even gone at it in the ball pit at a shopping mall. The idea of being watched while having sex drives them wild. So then, take a look at what Monika and Kim have to offer on camera...
Ersties Kim and Monika 20-21 years - Lesbian

Erotic among women.
Ersties Kim and Monika 20-21 years - Lesbian

Intimate secrets - Monika and Kim in provocative lingeries…
Ersties Kim and Monika 20-21 years - Lesbian

Monika knows exactly how to touch Kim.
Ersties Kim and Monika 20-21 years - Lesbian


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