Ersties Franziska 27 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

28-05-2018, 04:13
Ersties Franziska 27 years - Masturbation

Smokin’ hot: Franziska
Franziska has been in Berlin for four years now, and there's no way she's leaving anytime soon. She's originally from Rostock – not much was going on for her back there. As a rocker chick, as she considers herself, she's all about the big-city bustle. And Berlin is where she has the bast chance at landing a starring role. She realizes that if she wants to be an actress, she has to watch her weight. Which she does. Mostly. She makes the occasional exception, she admits with a laugh, for a big greasy meal. Of course, she goes to the gym often enough, because she does not want to end up looking like likes Mrs. SquarePants. Is Franziska a party animal? Sometimes. She loves drinking beer – it's easy to pour them back. But she never turns down a girly drink like sparkling wine. Too bad that she doesn't always have time for partying. She has to keep her pet snakes company from time to time. Yes, she's the proud owner of three cornsnakes. One of them – Hubertus – is clearly very close with her. Do you want to know when and where you can spot Franziska in living color? Then keep clicking, because she's about to let you know...!
Ersties Franziska 27 years - Masturbation

Not every women has snake as a pet. But Franziska does.
Ersties Franziska 27 years - Masturbation

Franziska takes off her leather clothes one by one. What happens then? You can’t imagine!
Ersties Franziska 27 years - Masturbation

Masturbation on the couch: She always does, whatever floats her boat. Even today.
Ersties Franziska 27 years - Masturbation

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