Ersties Sonja 20 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

22-05-2018, 21:08
Ersties Sonja 20 years - Masturbation

Sonja loves to tease
Sonja’s American accent is really adorable. Combine that with the 20-year-old fashion design student’s smile – somehow everything about her just “fits” right. Oh yes, we already know that visiting her is going to be particularly special! Sonja is originally from Minneapolis, USA, but she has been living in Berlin for nearly two years now. One of her favorite things to do is to make her pretty skin even prettier with henna tattoos. She especially loves the gothic style. But at first sight, you wouldn’t necessarily notice that about her. What brought her all the way to Berlin? On one hand, she fell in love with a German exchange student. On the other hand, she wanted to live out her desire for freedom and independence. Because in the USA, Sonja feels, one is still fairly restricted when it comes to that. While the cute girl starts painting her hands with henna, we are bursting with anticipation to see which part of her body she will paint on next…
Ersties Sonja 20 years - Masturbation

Three years ago we met Sonja for the first time. Now she speaks with us abot the changes in her life.
Ersties Sonja 20 years - Masturbation

If desire is huge, Sonja don't mind to masturbate in the stairwell.
Ersties Sonja 20 years - Masturbation

Sonja on the couch. Masturbation on the couch.
Ersties Sonja 20 years - Masturbation


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