Ersties Frieda Redhead 24 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

18-05-2018, 16:08
Frieda (24) from Bremen is making an advent calendar. As she's working, she talks about her art studies and her side job, tattooing, which she'd like to do professionally at some point. She has a lot of other intriguing desires, too...
Ersties Frieda Redhead 24 years - Masturbation

Frieda got the fire
She's definitely creative – you've got to give her that. As she works with devotion on the advent calendar she's making for her sister, she lets us know that she is quite imaginative and passionate in other ways too. She's very experimental when it comes to love affairs, and because of that needs some freedom from time to time. Her boyfriend, after a year together with her, knows just that. If she needs a weekend to herself, then he's happy to enjoy one to himself as well. Jealousy is generally not a problem for them. Except in extreme situations...

Which is why three-ways are once again a thing for Frieda and her boyfriend. Sometimes women join in; other times it's guys. Frieda is bi, but her darling isn't into sex with other men. Still, it's a total turn-on for him to watch his sweetheart have sex with others. Music festivals and fetish club nights are the best ways to meet other like-minded people. Or, if Frieda simply wants to hook up with other women, then she likes to use the university or the internet to expand her network.
Ersties Frieda Redhead 24 years - Masturbation
But Frieda actually finds it quite difficult to make the acquaintance of other women. Why is that? And what does she think of swinger clubs? Of course we had to ask her these questions. And you'll never believe what she tells us...!
Ersties Frieda Redhead 24 years - Masturbation

Frieda Action Kitchen
Never without her toy – not even in the kitchen…
Ersties Frieda Redhead 24 years - Masturbation

Frieda down to earth…
Ersties Frieda Redhead 24 years - Masturbation


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