Ersties Billie and Flora 22-28 years - Lesbian (1080p/photo)

18-05-2018, 16:05
Billie has come to the astounding conclusion that she has about the same amount of sexual partners as she does friends. Why? Because Billie’s favorite way to express affection is physically. So of course she’s particularly close to her roommate Flora.
Ersties Billie and Flora 22-28 years - Lesbian

Billie and Flora
Love is in the air! “If you live with someone long enough,” Billie says, “you eventually wind up…” well, you know, fucking them. Because why the hell not? The perfect embodiment of free love, Billie has slept with most of her past roommates, and a lot of her friends, for that matter. She and Flora make a particularly tantalizing couple, as they have so much in common!

They each fell in love with Berlin years ago and never looked back. They both study the same subject, visit the same classes, share the same apartment, laugh at the same silly jokes. Enjoy the same things in bed. To them, each new sexual encounter is a welcome enrichment for the love and erotic energy they already share, each experience with its own special meaning.

For Billie, sex differs greatly, depending on which partner she is with. For Flora, the riskier the better. Like in public – yes, you read that right. Of course, it goes without saying then, that they both have the most wonderful and hilarious stories to share about their best and worst outdoor sexual experiences.

Their approach to one another is as playfully profound as their approach to love and lust. The air between them tingles with excitement, even before they lean in for their first kiss. The hotter they get, the closer they melt into one, as their hands and lips caress and taste and love one another. Simply delicious. We’re seriously considering moving in.
Ersties Billie and Flora 22-28 years - Lesbian

Billie and Flora betray secrets.
Ersties Billie and Flora 22-28 years - Lesbian

Billie and Flora action at home
To watch the two of them in bed is really hot…
Ersties Billie and Flora 22-28 years - Lesbian


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