Ersties Taliah and Aeryn 30-27 years - Lesbian (1080p/photo)

17-05-2018, 22:38
Taliah and Aeryn are very much looking forward to what they're about to do together – in front of our camera. While Taliah is putting on her makeup, chatty Aeryn sits on the bed, mentioning the fact that a hairbrush can also make a good sex toy.
Ersties Taliah and Aeryn 30-27 years - Lesbian

Taliah and Aeryn live their fantasies
Aeryn has been sitting on the big bed, waiting for Taliah. But she's still getting ready for the camera before the real action begins. Is she a bit nervous? Well, certainly not any more than Aeryn is.

Anyway, the girls are in a fantastic mood. They're already having tons of fun, even though what's to come will be way more exciting... Aeryn went and bought some new lingerie especially for her date with Taliah. But somehow it doesn't sit right, not like she was hoping for.

She tells unabashedly her bra size, and how it's difficult for her to find the right clothes – mainly because her boobs are so big and her waist is rather small. We want to know how they plan to enjoy each others' bodies – just with their hands? Or might they use some kind of sex toy? Aeryn gladly uses the opportunity to share with us a little secret, namely, that in a pinch, a brush can make a really great sex toy. It's just got to be big and flat. It totally turns her on to get smacked in the butt with one. Taliah listens very carefully to her words...
Ersties Taliah and Aeryn 30-27 years - Lesbian
Now the promise of mutual pleasure and fun is about to be fulfilled. Aeryn and Taliah can barely wait to get closer to each other. Their imaginations are already running wild!
Ersties Taliah and Aeryn 30-27 years - Lesbian

Taliah und Aeryn – tenderness, flaps and more…
They love it wild and hard. But suddenly Taliah is about to fly high – just because of the „wildness“ of Aeryns tongue…
Ersties Taliah and Aeryn 30-27 years - Lesbian

Hot kisses, sucking, licking – Highlights one by one…
Ersties Taliah and Aeryn 30-27 years - Lesbian

To ring somebody’s bell – is there anything more exciting?
Bar naked Taliah and Aeryn are lying on one another. Passionately they are indulging each other – until their happy end.
Ersties Taliah and Aeryn 30-27 years - Lesbian


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