Ersties Lena B. 30 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

17-05-2018, 22:36
Lena has been a Berliner for awhile. She's from Siberia but moved to Germany as a child with her parents. She's the creative type, always on the go, and you'll rarely ever see her without her camera on hand. She has very unusual hobbies, you could say...
Ersties Lena B. 30 years - Masturbation

Creative in many areas: Lena B.
Lena describes herself as an artist, applying her creative touch in any possible arena. She's an avid photographer and absolutely loves to sew Victorian-inspired outfits. And apart from that, she likes tinkering around at her flat – with the expert assistance of her friends – and is currently working on a Russian Lada.

Looking at her red painted fingernails, we never would have guessed that she's the type who'd go hunting for spare car parts in a junkyard. With a knowing smile, Lena tells us that oil and spark plugs can have something romantic about them – especially when the car hood is down... whatever she might mean by that!

These days, she's living the single life and enjoying it to the fullest. She's actually into men, but once in a while can have a fling with a girl she finds attractive. Although, she rarely seems to meet one who strikes her who's not currently in a relationship.
Ersties Lena B. 30 years - Masturbation
Her dream partner is a real manly man: masculine, striking, rough and strong is the type that gest her attention. The main thing, though, is that he be personable and have a pretty face or smiling eyes. She couldn't turn down a guy who meets these qualifications.

Lena loves latex. But only when others are wearing it. She'd rather watch. But that's an entirely different story – luckily, one that she's happy to share.
Ersties Lena B. 30 years - Masturbation

Red love balls, red painted nails and a red armchair…
After a voluptuous striptease Lena just needs her fingers to get even hotter. As she can’t hold back any longer, her love balls have to be used.
Ersties Lena B. 30 years - Masturbation

Lena needs nothing else but her fantasy and a pink vibrator.
What does she think about to get hot? Anyway – as soon as she uses her vibrator, she turns her inner cinema off.
Ersties Lena B. 30 years - Masturbation


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