Ersties Talia M. 26 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

17-05-2018, 13:18
Talia is originally from Ukraine but currently enjoys life in Spain. When she's not busy working, she enjoys philosophy. She has plenty of hobbies as well. But they have absolutely nothing to do with philosophy...
Ersties Talia M. 26 years - Masturbation

Sweet innocence: Talia M.
Her current love is a lot older than she is, but that doesn't bother her at all. Why should it, anyway?
Likewise, he doesn't care that Talia has had so many sex acquaintances. Whether with men or with women, she not one to discriminate.
Ersties Talia M. 26 years - Masturbation
Flirting with women? It's such an ordeal, because she always gets shy around the ones she especially fancies. It's these kinds of moments that make her blush in embarrassment, and she just doesn't know how she's supposed to react. Just don't mess it up! When it comes to guys, though, it's totally different. She considers herself attractive, and she's sure that the world of men tends to agree.
Ersties Talia M. 26 years - Masturbation
During erotic playtime with women, she loves it when they attentively and tenderly touch and kiss her. When having sex with men, she likes it a bit harder. Showing off her submissive side simply turns her on. Talia loves getting licked.
Ersties Talia M. 26 years - Masturbation
Then again, what woman doesn't? – she wonders. We ask her what spot she enjoys getting licked the most. Then she shows us in great detail – and not only that. She also gives us a few blow-job tips!
Ersties Talia M. 26 years - Masturbation

Talia M. in front of the mirror
Ersties Talia M. 26 years - Masturbation


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