Ersties Victoria 25 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

17-05-2018, 13:16
Victoria (25) from Berlin has got nice curves and she loves to show them off. Aside from dancing, she uses a hula hoop as a pickup tool, and she loves to fulfill her feline fantasies – you need to check out our interview to what she means!
Ersties Victoria 25 years - Masturbation

Victoria has wild preferences
Victoria studies journalism and communications sciences in Berlin and she wants to do something media-related. But she's got plenty of other things going on – she loves dancing, especially with a hula hoop. She calls the whole thing "improv contact", blurring the lines between dance and sex.

One thing leads to another – dancing is how Victoria lures in sex partners. It's definitely a convenient method, as most of the nightclubs are located in old factory buildings, filled with nooks and crannies to take advantage of. What's her type? Nordic – tall, blond men with blue eyes drive her wild. She also thinks women are sexy, at least the ones who have curvy figures like she does. Monogamy isn't her thing, because in the end, she needs her freedom. And she wants to give the same to her lovers.

She currently has three of them, by the way, and here and there another one (or more) enters the picture. In an "emergency" – meaning if she needs to get off but there's no one around to help her – she can of course take care of her own needs by herself. If she's having a three-way, she enjoys double penetration, and she's also into pet play. When she puts on her cat ears and a collar, eats from a bowl and enjoys some tender cuddling, then she's suddenly a kitty in heat.

Victoria also gives us a confession and reveals something she's urging to try out in bed.
Ersties Victoria 25 years - Masturbation

What has sex got to do with cats, a collar and a feeding dish? A whole lot…
Victoria is very special when it comes to sex. And she loves to jawbone about that!
Ersties Victoria 25 years - Masturbation

After the foot massage and tender loving cares the vibrator is deployed.
She makes herself comfortable and she can’t keep her hands off her body. But then she fetches her favourite toy…
Ersties Victoria 25 years - Masturbation

Very sexy…For what it’s a piano stool worth…
A piano stool seems to be very uncomfortable actually. But that doesn’t bother Victoria at all while she’s masturbating.
Ersties Victoria 25 years - Masturbation


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