Ersties Tina W. and Peach 28-29 years - Lesbian (1080p/photo)

17-05-2018, 01:17
Although they come from different backgrounds, Tina and Peach have lots in common. Tina is from South Africa, while Peach comes from UK. They ended up in Berlin as they both love to travel, and that's not the only thing they are both fond of...
Ersties Tina W. and Peach 28-29 years - Lesbian

Wild and kinky: Tina W. and Peach
Tina loves her dog more than anything else. He faithfully follows her everywhere she goes. She can't imagine having a man in her life right now. In fact, she's not at all interested in a committed relationship.

What's the point? When it comes to sex, she thinks she can have way more fun if there aren't any obligations getting in the way. As an artist, Peach loves to discover the world and to show her artwork at concerts and festivals.

She arrived in Berlin just two years ago but is already feeling firmly planted here. Both Tina and Peach love to travel, and by this point they are true globetrotters. Normally, Peach doesn't stay in the same place for more than one month.

It seems Berlin is her only exception. Too bad that it snows here – an aspect of the city that neither of them like. Tina is of the opinion that, although the weather in the German capital is quite cold, the men here are super hot. Can she get any more specific? Of course – she and Peach are more than happy to tell us about their erotic experiences.
Ersties Tina W. and Peach 28-29 years - Lesbian

Tina and Peach are good friends, but also more then that :)
Ersties Tina W. and Peach 28-29 years - Lesbian

Hot Sex in hot dessous - Tina and Peach are having fun.
You can almost feel, how Tina and Peach are dotty about each other. When the black gloves are about to be used, it won’t be long before their happy end…
Ersties Tina W. and Peach 28-29 years - Lesbian

A single wooden table used as a love camp.
While others need a huge bed, Tina and Peach are having so much fun on their wooden table.
Ersties Tina W. and Peach 28-29 years - Lesbian


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