Ersties Rebecca and Lina 22-33 years - Lesbian (1080p/photo)

17-05-2018, 01:16
Ersties Rebecca and Lina 22-33 years - Lesbian

Hot kisses in cold rain: Rebecca and Lina
Although she already knows what it feels like to use a strap-on dildo, Rebecca is extremely curious what to expect this time. For Lina, though, the world of strap-ons is a totally new one, and so she has even more anticipation.

This thing certainly does look a lot bigger than a real penis. The two women take a closer look at the harness and dildo, which they find intriguing, but a bit intimidating as well. It's definitely hard. Very hard...

Rebecca thinks these kind of toys only really feel good if you have the right sexual partner. She's glad that she is already an experienced user, so she knows the best way to move in order to feel something. Thinking more about their jumbo faux penis, they come to the conclusion that it must be rather difficult to handle a biological one, that men need to be pretty smart if they are able to please a woman by penetration. That's the only way their penises would be able to satisfy their partners.

Isn't it rather hard for guys to do that? Especially when you consider the size a penis can have. Perhaps that's why Rebecca tends to use smaller dildos – they're much easier to handle. Then again, she can do quite a lot with just her fingers... Lina thinks the toy is especially big. How would it feel inside of her if it were a flesh-and-blood penis?

As Lina and Rebecca imagine how things might continue with their strap-on lovemaking, Rebecca makes a suggestion: could this toy also provide some anal enjoyment? You'll definitely want to see how Lisa reacts, right? We, at least, found her answer quite surprising!
Ersties Rebecca and Lina 22-33 years - Lesbian

Rebecca and Lina speak about their first time using Strap-On
Ersties Rebecca and Lina 22-33 years - Lesbian

Rebecca wearing her ouvert slip and Lina in a sexy mini dress - but soon they go the full monty.
Their first kisses are very carefully. But then they let their imagination run free.
Ersties Rebecca and Lina 22-33 years - Lesbian

The Strap-on in action - the moment Lina and Rebecca have been waiting for...
Clearly, they both enjoy wielding the power of the massive cock. First it's Lina's turn to take it, and then Rebecca wants to get penetrated as Lina straps it on.
Ersties Rebecca and Lina 22-33 years - Lesbian

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