Ersties Bea 27 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

17-05-2018, 01:15
Bea is an optometrist and loves changes. That means she's not only constantly buying new glasses, but also that her love life is full of colorful variance. She absolutely loves being single. After all, Berlin does offer 1,001 possibilities!
Ersties Bea 27 years - Masturbation

We love girls with glasses!
Bea (27) was in a relationship for seven years, but it ended about a year ago. She can finally enjoy her sex live to the fullest. Whether with men or with women, it doesn't really matter – she enjoys it all.

The handsomer the men are, the more likely they are to have a chance with her. At least, that's the case when it comes to a one-night stand. But it's a different story for dating or longer-term arrangements: then she's more inclined to be with someone who has a more “normal”, nice appearances And if he – or she – has a couple extra kilos, well, that's exactly the kind of trait Bea finds attractive in a potential partner.

Somehow, since splitting with her boyfriend, she hasn't had the opportunity to have sex with another woman. However, she's already met twice with a one who's show real interest in her – kisses and caresses included.
Ersties Bea 27 years - Masturbation
If Bea goes out and hits up the bars or clubs and makes out with someone, she gets extremely turned on by being watched. She was thrilled that a couple she's friends with invited her to go to a swingers' club together. But if she really enjoys being watched, why wait till then? Our camera is here today to help her live out her fantasy!
Ersties Bea 27 years - Masturbation

Indulgence from head to toe - including massage oil and a dildo.
First she pampers herself with her favorite oil. After she grabs her big transparent dildo, it won't be long before she brings herself to climax.
Ersties Bea 27 years - Masturbation

What happens when Bea gets carried away by her own lust...
The huge sofa is just super comfortable. It's the perfect place to just lie and get carried away with your imagination... which is exactly what Bea does, letting her intimate sexual fantasies run free.
Ersties Bea 27 years - Masturbation


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