Ersties Dorothea 22 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

17-05-2018, 01:13
Welcome to Dorothea's sexy world. The Berlin-based Roman invites us into her home and shows her most beautiful – and sexiest – side. She offers a very intimate look – and not just at her bedroom, by the way!
Ersties Dorothea 22 years - Masturbation

Dorothea is dressing up for you
This is not your typical interview. While Dorothea, a make-up artist, dolls herself up, she chats with us about everything under the sun. She confesses that she had always dreamed of being a pin-up girl, and that she's totally into burlesque. She loves the outfits that burlesque dancers wear – and she can't go without music and dancing. And by that, she means not only rocking out to cool tunes when she's out at parties, but also just shaking her stuff at home in front of the mirror. That's when she feels totally free.

Apropos freedom: that's exactly the reason why she moved from Rome to Berlin two years ago. Back in her homeland, she never fully felt like she could be her true self. Here and now, though, it's completely different. However confined she felt in Italy, it's the total opposite in Germany. Everyone in Berlin is free to do what they want. And that's certainly the case for Dorothea. Especially in terms of sex. She finds both men and women attractive, although she hasn't had sex with a woman before. But of course, that could easily change.

She's not in a relationship right now. She just doesn't feel the need to have a partner. She's enjoying her life the way it is now: fun-filled, action-packed, every day filled with new surprises.

Today is no exception. And we're here to catch it on camera. Yes, indeed, another special day for Dorothea. But take a look for yourself...
Ersties Dorothea 22 years - Masturbation

A very special kind of styling: Dorothea lets us in on all of her secrets...
While getting perfectly done up, she reveals us lots of spicy intimate details.
Ersties Dorothea 22 years - Masturbation

SelfieCam in action: Even while she dresses up, she grants us profound insights of her astonishing body - with a happy ending!
Make-up´s ready and the hair is done - now Dorothea takes us to her dressing room. What happens there is just... wow!
Ersties Dorothea 22 years - Masturbation

A burlesque dance in hot lingerie on the bed!
Dorothea LOVES to show you all of her charms. Marilyn Monroe´s „I wanna be loved by you“ brings her in the right frivolous mood!
Ersties Dorothea 22 years - Masturbation


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