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  • Date: 16-05-2018, 13:34
16-05-2018, 13:34

Ersties Nina T. 24 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

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Ersties Nina T. 24 years - Masturbation

Nina T. loves her secrets...
Nina (24) from Wiesbaden is studying art and German. She loves painting and horseback riding. When it comes to sex, she likes being submissive, but at the same time, she also likes to call the shots with her partner. But now why is she wearing a mask?

This student really gets off on appearing in a mysterious fashion. Does she even realize just how hot she looks with that domino concealing her? She must... In a couple of days, she will have been together with her boyfriend for one year. Of course that's something she wants to properly celebrate with him. And of course that means she wants to get dolled up for the occasion – that includes a corsage and high heels.

We ask her what she loves about her boyfriend. With a twinkle in her eye, she tells us how she's wild about the fact that he has both a sweet and a naughty side. When he ties her up and starts going at her harder and harder, it drives Nina totally crazy. The best is when she's reaching climax and he penetrates her deeper and deeper. In these moments, she just can't contain herself. It's simply amazing, she says.

Despite all that, Nina can certainly enjoy taking the dominant role from time to time. That's when she tells her partner to lick, kiss and suck on her feet, and a whole lot more... One thing she'd love to do is bring another lady into the equation with her and her boyfriend. He, however, doesn't want to share his darling with anyone.

She loves role play, rope play, anal sex and many other erotic activities. And since she and her sweetheart are in a long-distance relationship, she often pleasures herself – several times a day. She just can't go without sex. On that note, there's one thing she hasn't tried before. Know what she's referring to? She's about to tell us...
Ersties Nina T. 24 years - Masturbation
Ersties Nina T. 24 years - Masturbation
Ersties Nina T. 24 years - Masturbation
Ersties Nina T. 24 years - Masturbation

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