Ersties Luna 26 years - Masturbation (1080p)

16-05-2018, 13:30
Luna from Brazil has been living in Barcelona for some time. She likes Spain, and she loves the open-hearted attitude here. She can't live without dancing, let alone sex. If she doesn't have sex or masturbate every day, she gets restless.
Ersties Luna 26 years - Masturbation

Luna got Lust for Life!
Luna makes a living from dancing and acting – and of course, from air and love. She is a very cheerful person, always in high spirits. By the way, she can speak English and Spanish as well as Mandarin! It's hard to imagine that she lived in China for such a long time and still goes back to visit. Mainly because the Far Eastern country is known for being incomprehensibly conservative, which Luna is certainly not.

On the contrary. She loves approaching people on a whim and leading them into some kind of erotic adventure. It's hard to believe how many sex partners she has. Whether men or women, it doesn't matter to her. She loves penises and wishes she could literally have constant access to one.

When having sex with women, she gets totally turned on once she notices her playmate is getting wet.During her time in China, if she wanted to make a new friend, she would always be the one to make the first move. She finds the Barcelona way of things to be a bit clumsy.

But whatever. The main thing is that the guys and girls are nice and that they can help Luna fulfill her desires. If not, then she just masturbates. She does that anyway – several times a day. If she doesn't, she notices her mood suffers slightly. Anyway, we are very impressed by Luna's extensive sexual knowledge.
Ersties Luna 26 years - Masturbation

She even tells us that people often ask her where she learned everything! And she wants to enlighten us, too, by showing a little something from her sexual repertoire. Our camera is ready to go – and so is Luna!
Ersties Luna 26 years - Masturbation

Luna on her large bed
Ersties Luna 26 years - Masturbation

Luna filming herself with small camera. Dann geht leider die.
Ersties Luna 26 years - Masturbation


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