Ersties Beatrix 25 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

15-05-2018, 11:00
Beatrix (25) is from the USA. She is a dancer and spent about five years living in New York, although her home state is Oregon. She's been living in Berlin for nearly two years now – and she has quite a bit to share with us about her sex life...
Ersties Beatrix 25 years - Masturbation

Breathtaking natural big city girl: Beatrix
Why did she leave New York for Berlin? Because the German capital was so much more exciting, yet so much more chill. Aside from that, Beatrix thinks that the guys and girls here are much nicer. She's in a relationship now and totally in love with her partner. Previously, she was constantly having sex. Always and everywhere. Didn't matter with whom. But then came along the lady who's her current lover – that's when everything changed.

Once when she was younger, before she had her “proper” first time, she was lying in bed with a guy who wanted to pleasure her orally, and it felt crazy good. Unfortunately, her parents came home early and put their playtime to a halt. But that same evening, the spot where her friend had to quit with his tongue, she kept on exploring with her fingers – and it was amazing.

Since she first had sex at age 14, she's loved sleeping with both men and women. She first masturbated at age 9, but it was a rather strange experience for her. That's because no one had explained to her what masturbation actually is, why it felt extraordinarily good to play with her vagina.

Beatrix has had plenty of relationships with men in the past, but what she has now is much deeper and more emotional. She and her girlfriend are currently considering whether to invite further sex partners into the picture. Why not? Who knows where things could lead. She and her girlfriend are totally into tantra. Massages, long-lasting sensual sessions and the occasional strap-on – that's exactly how these two like to get down.

All of a sudden, she tells us what her favorite sexual position with her girlfriend is. And she even divulges what kind of fetish she has. A very unusual but wonderful fetish...!
Ersties Beatrix 25 years - Masturbation

Just sex? Beatrix wants more than that...
In our intimate interview with her, Beatrix is simply gushing. The sexual experiences she shares with us is quite something else.
Ersties Beatrix 25 years - Masturbation

Trying on lingerie at the mall
She loves going into the dressing room along with her girlfriend. But today, she's all alone...
Ersties Beatrix 25 years - Masturbation

Ecstatic masturbation – Beatrix seems not to even notice that our camera's there...
As she lies on the bed pleasuring herself, she completely forgets the fact that we're there with her watching.
Ersties Beatrix 25 years - Masturbation


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