Ersties Joan and Beatrix 23-25 years - Lesbian (1080p/photo)

6-05-2018, 09:27
While Joan and Beatrix are waiting for their order at the café, they start making out. To take things to the next level, they decide to head to the bathroom. They've even brought along a love ball – remote control included!
Ersties Joan and Beatrix 23-25 years - Lesbian

Mirror, mirror...: Joan and Beatrix
Is there anything nicer than passing the time with a friend at your favorite café? Well, Joan and Beatrix definitely know to make it even better: some steamy lovemaking in the bathroom, along with a special little surprise in the form of a luxury vibrator, much different from your garden variety sex toy. Sticking it inside your vagina provides amazing pleasure. You should definitely try it sometime. It truly works wonders! And this nice little unit is equipped with a remote control so that your lover can be in control of getting you off. Joan and Beatrix are clearly quite excited to put it to use.

But first on the agenda is some relaxing. That includes a leisurely stroll through the city, from one shop to the next. When they end up in the changing room of a boutique with beautiful mirrors, now's their chance: time to hit the trigger on the remote control. Guess what happens next...

It's an impressive experience, feeling the powerful effects of such a seemingly small vibrator. They get so turned on, and next they feel the urge to please each other orally. To calm down those butterflies in the stomach, Beatrix and Joan decide to have somefun by putting on a little fashion show.

Suddenly, the two girls are at a bar, and the inevitable happens: the vibrator is back by popular demand, once again demonstrating its powerful ability. Now Beatrix and Joan have a severe craving for a post-orgasm drink. Yes, that's quite a treat. But the day's not over yet. On the contrary...! Now let them seduce you into taking a look to see what happens next!
Ersties Joan and Beatrix 23-25 years - LesbianErsties Joan and Beatrix 23-25 years - Lesbian

Joan and Beatrix trying a new toy in public
Ersties Joan and Beatrix 23-25 years - Lesbian

Interview with Joan and Beatrix
Ersties Joan and Beatrix 23-25 years - Lesbian

Hot Sex in Studio - Beatrix and Joan are having fun
Ersties Joan and Beatrix 23-25 years - Lesbian

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