Ersties Matilda 24 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

5-05-2018, 01:51
Matilda and her boyfriend have quite the active sex life, but she still enjoys fooling with herself at times when he’s away. All she needs is her hands and her imagination.
Ersties Matilda 24 years - Masturbation

Hot like the first summer day: Matilda
Matilda loves reading, which is why she started studying art history and literature – talk about living your passion! When it comes to classical literature, she loves books by complex writers, where the readers really need to open up to appreciate their work. Speaking of opening up, she also enjoys the inspiration that Fifty Shades of Grey offers, but she says that only works for her because she has a partner she can completely trust.

Her lovely curls are as untamable as she was in her wild years, and even now, she hasn’t really calmed down. She loves working out, and strong-willed as she is, she has no problem speaking her mind and getting what she wants. Her soft, smooth skin and bright eyes are angelically framed by the flowers that surround her. What a contrast to her naughty nose-ring and tales of experimentation!

Generally speaking, she doesn’t mind threesomes or open relationships. But she is so in love with her current boyfriend, and all the surprises he's has in store for her, that she couldn’t imagine ever sharing him with anyone else! Even so, there’s still plenty more things they want to try, so we hope she comes back soon to share her new experiences!
Ersties Matilda 24 years - Masturbation

Fifty Shades of Play
Mathilda loves whatever feels good on her skin – rope, nylon, latex, anything. She also loves the series of Fifty Shades of Grey books and all the inspiration it has to offer.
Ersties Matilda 24 years - Masturbation
Ersties Matilda 24 years - Masturbation

Horizontal Jogging
You can immediately tell how much Mathilda enjoys working out as soon as she undresses and starts caressing herself. Her entire body is so toned and flexible, we wish she would go on forever.
Ersties Matilda 24 years - Masturbation

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