Ersties Maria B. from Italy - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

15-04-2018, 06:59
Dancing, Pasta, Sex – for Maria, this holy trinity is what life is all about. And considering that this fierce Italian is also a big fan of feminist porn, she makes the perfect Ersties ambassador.
Ersties Maria B - Masturbation

La dolce vita with Maria B.
Signora Maria combines Italian sensuality with an international flair. This adventurous Ersties lady lives and loves multiple different languages – as freely as possible. For Maria, the perfect life should include two main things: pasta and porn! Luckily, with her passion for the latter, she's in the right place with Ersties!
Together with her boyfriend, she enjoys watching erotic videos with a feminist touch. When it comes down to business, she's totally open to having more than just one guy help get her clit going. For her shoot with Ersties today, she's brought along one of her favorite toys!
Ersties Maria B - Masturbation

A Foodie and a Lover
The cute Italian Maria is has paid us a visit – and we took the opportunity to chat with the Ersties lady about her culinary skills as well as un grande amore...
Ersties Maria B - Masturbation

Maria's breathtaking beauty
Does one look at Maria make you gasp for air? Does her thrilling Italian charisma practically make you practically choke? Don't worry, as she's also got a sexy nurse costume in her closet – so she can provide any patients with erotic first aid...
Ersties Maria B - Masturbation

Loosening up with Maria
Maria has a partner, but their relationship is open, which means that after a few glasses of wine, she's not averse to some action with her own gender. She spent her very first night with another woman after they had a bit too much to drink.
Ersties Maria B - Masturbation

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