Ersties Lucy W. and Nora F. Lesbian - (1080p/photo)

17-03-2018, 05:09
Since the last time Ersties ladies Lucy and Nora saw each other, plenty has happened. Nora finished her studies and trotted the globe so that she could rack up new experiences. She shares some of them she shares with Nora while our camera is rolling...
Ersties Lucy W. and Nora F. Lesbian

Two Free Spirits with Tales to Tell
Do these two seem familiar? Then you have a very good memory, because Lucy and Nora have both been guests at Ersties before – and since they had such a hot time, they've decided to return, ready to share some sexy stories they've collected in the meantime.

Nora has experienced so much recently: siezed by wanderlust, this cute student abandoned the world of books to conquer the big, wide world ... her thirst for adventure brought her to Japan – and another kind of thirst soon followed.

Find out what else these two Ersties ladies have learned since we last saw them ...
Ersties Lucy W. and Nora F. Lesbian

International Lovers
Nora recently did a sort of study sabbatical and is now living just like Lucy: every day somewhere new, embracing the world and awaiting adventure. How she's getting used to this new lifestyle, and what kind of travel romances she's had in Japan, she tells us in this Ersties interview.
Ersties Lucy W. and Nora F. Lesbian

What a Nice Butt!
Lucy and Nora are two familiar faces to the loyal Ersties followers among you. It was quite obvious that pairing these two together would lead to some explosive action. This time, the girls take care of each other's butts. If you're into ass-licking, now's the time to pay attention!
Ersties Lucy W. and Nora F. Lesbian

Evening the Score
Lucy started the pleasurous session and worked Nora's butt with her tongue – she takes revenge in the next clip and savors every last square inch of the wonderful Lucy...
Ersties Lucy W. and Nora F. Lesbian

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