Ersties Layla 23 years- Masturbation (720p/photo)

27-12-2017, 06:05
Layla is a Scorpio and says she can have quite a sting. Wonder what that must be like? All we see is her charming goofy laugh and sly humor. Which must be why she isn’t all that particular about her ideal partner, just as long as he can do a headstand.
Ersties Layla 23 years- Masturbation

This butt will turn your head
Layla is another real piece of work in our Ersties universe. She loves anything beautiful and captivating, and is herself just that. Ideally, she says, she would love to drift around in a caravan living an unbound lifestyle. With yoga, and self-sustaining festivals and maybe a hunky man – although that would be an added bonus, she is perfectly happy going herself.

She is also perfectly happy doing it herself, and says it helps her both wake up and fall asleep. When she’s at it, she hardly needs more than her two hands and a bit of her imagination, and my does she have some deliciously naughty thoughts. Her nipples she says are like extra clits, and are even enough to make her cum.

But that will have to wait for the next shoot with her. Today, Layla has brought along her oldest and must trusty toy along for the fun. Just as in the cartoon, her Pinky does a mighty effort to blow her Brain into tiny little bits of satisfied girl goo. Nevermind, that has hardly anything to do with the cartoon. Still, yum.
Ersties Layla 23 years- Masturbation

“…got me on my knees, Layla….” If you don’t know the song, go listen to it! Now that it is stuck in your head (you’re welcome), meet our Layla, who also has us on our knees, but with laughter at her silly jokes and charming goofiness.
Ersties Layla 23 years- Masturbation

Here’s looking at you, kid
When it comes to attractive features, Layla loves men’s eyes. That’s handy, because we love Layla’s eyes. Along with everything else she gives us a peep at.
Ersties Layla 23 years- Masturbation

Stealthy Wank - An extra Update for you today
Layla ist great at what she calls a stealth wank – she can climax in just 3-5 minutes if she’s in the right mood. The setting is perfect, the lights are just right… we’re glad she takes her time just for us!
Ersties Layla 23 years- Masturbation
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