Ersties Vanessa X and Mona 25-29 years - lesbian (720p/photo)

22-12-2017, 02:49
"Mona and Vanessa got friends while hanging around in the same theatre course in university - now they reunite for the Ersties school of life, to try a pretty different form of roleplay: Vanessa is gifted with a strap-on for the very first time. And while.
Ersties Vanessa X and Mona - lesbian

Two lovely sinners: Vanessa X. and Mona
These nice young ladies will make you horny as hell – but with a gentle twist of refreshing innocence. But it's not just their looks that are impressive. Smart is the new sexy, and Vanessa and Mona are well read and very creative. They first met in their theatre course and became study-buddies. But as we all know, although theory can be interesting, it's hands-on experience that's truly exciting. For Ersties, they have teamed up to dive into a new adventure.

While Mona is starting to warm up, Vanessa decides to join her in bed and get cozy. In the first round they enjoy showing us how they play with their own clits, but soon enough, their routine evolves to include some teamwork. They smother their bodies with kisses and excited curiosity, and the sweet sound of moaning complements the visual action. Did they ever expect to get to know each other that well?

But we wouldn't be your favorite source of sexy videos if there wouldn't be a hidden gem in every one. This time, our secret star is a strap-on, which the girls will use for the very first time, getting wild with each other... And they tell us all about it: for Vanessa and Mona, having a "dick" is a crazy new adventure. Even with your eyes closed, you can tell how much of a thrill this kind of roleplay is for them. Who's going to be the dominant one now? Which one is enjoying the whole "getting-fucked-by-a-female" more? You have to find out on your own – and we're sure you'll enjoy every bit.
Ersties Vanessa X and Mona - lesbian

Ayo Technology
Mona and Vanessa know how to make love like crazy! With a couple of kinky toys in their pussies, they trade remote controls and increase the intensity on each other. What a sexy, sexy mess!
Ersties Vanessa X and Mona - lesbian

According to experts, a growing number of people are becoming shopaholics. But we know the secret behind the trend… it's not about the purchase; it's about the sexy atmosphere of the small, narrow dressing rooms! But we are very bad in concealing our moans of pleasure…
Ersties Vanessa X and Mona - lesbian

Wash your sins away…
After a long and very, very dirty day, our girls want to end this damn wild ride with a little shower. But what can we say? They just can't stay innocent for long!
Ersties Vanessa X and Mona - lesbian
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