Ersties Layla and Mae 23-20 years - lesbian (720p/photo)

19-12-2017, 06:32
Wow, take a step back, because when Mae and Layla meet, the sparks really start to fly. Like two natural forces clashing, their encounter is charged with a sheer primal energy.
Ersties Layla and Mae 23-20 years - lesbian

Play by Play
You already know Layla and Mae, so there’s no need for long introductions here. And they don’t need long introductions with each other, either – they just dive straight into it with kisses so passionate it, will be sure to warm you up no matter how cold outside it may be!

This has got to be the hottest thing of the year so far. Mae and Layla instantly synch and bring out the inner animal from each other. They're both so eager to get started, they practically have to wrestle over who gets to pleasure the other first. It starts with a close win for Mae. She has the sexiest gaze as she looks up at Layla, so pleased with how she is getting her off, but Layla quickly turns the tables with an amazing comeback. Suddenly, she reveals her secret weapon: her tongue piercing, and it’s hard to tell if we, the audience, or Mae, are in more pleasant agony because of it.

Layla has Mae in the final home stretches, before Mae surprisingly takes back the lead in a sneak attack no one would have ever seen coming. And while Mae gets Layla purring like a kitten, we get a peek at her lovely, moist panties that they still haven’t found the time to remove.

The only thing hotter than the way these two impatiently roughhouse with one another is the many ways they find to use each others’ pony tails. Perfect for tickling, grabbing, pulling, guiding, flipping…

But it’s not over yet, there is so much left for Mae and Layla to discover and try out on each other. Time for the next round!
Ersties Layla and Mae 23-20 years - lesbian

Mae and Layla don't want to lose a single second, instantly becoming entangled in a passionate embrace. The way they toss each other around leaves us absolutely breathless and craving more.
Ersties Layla and Mae 23-20 years - lesbian

Hot and Heavy
Licking might have been enough at first, but the more turned on Mae and Layla get, the heavier the action gets. Mae finger-bangs Layla into a total trance. Then, after a short reverie of content bliss, Layla is happy to return the favor.
Ersties Layla and Mae 23-20 years - lesbian

Play by Play
Once Layla and Mae are both done, they fall back, panting, to recap their personal highlights – and reveal some saucy secrets. When it comes to orgasming, does the sexual position make a difference? What new sensations did they experience? And most important: what do they want to try out with each other next time?
Ersties Layla and Mae 23-20 years - lesbian
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