Ersties Paola and Candela 24-21 years - Lesbian (720p/photo)

14-12-2017, 13:16
Paola is living single and loving it! No rules, only new adventures! She's about to travel the world, but before she does, she wants to acquire some skills in the realm of erotic bondage. Candela is more than happy to lend her a hand...
Ersties Paola and Candela 24-21 years - Lesbian

Bondage Lesson
While Candela is a frequent (and very welcome!) guest on our turf, it's been quite some time since we last had a visit from Paola. In the meantime, she learned quite a lot while completing her bachelor's degree. Her next lesson on today's schedule: bondage. For this, Candela will take Paola under her wing. She's planning to embark on a trip around the world – and she's single, meaning there could be a new adventure in every city and on every beach...

Today, Candela is feeling very generous, giving Paola so much tenderness that she's practically trembling in pleasure. Tied up like a package, she's subject to Candela's determined hands, relishing the feeling of the wand vibrator on her clit. It looks like this won't be the last time Paola says “yes!” to bondage. And that's not pure speculation on our part – in the interview afterwards, they make it clear that they want to experience these pleasures again.
Ersties Paola and Candela 24-21 years - Lesbian

Paola in an experimental mood
Paola came to us to tell us about her plans to travel the world after finishing her studies - and that's she's finally single again, so she doesn't have to take a man with her on her upcoming trip... We wanted to teach her a few new useful skills and offered her a bondage lesson with Candela.
Ersties Paola and Candela 24-21 years - Lesbian

Candela ties up Paola
We have a gift for you – she's young, she's hungry for physical contact, and her name is Paola. But before we give her to you, let Candela have some fun with her first.
Ersties Paola and Candela 24-21 years - Lesbian

Playtime with toys
These two really let us have it. But we still can't get enough of them! Good thing Candela has brought along a toy with her, and she's happy to share...
Ersties Paola and Candela 24-21 years - Lesbian

Happy Ersties
We love having a little conversation after capturing some hot orgasms on camera. We could almost come again after hearing what our Ersties girls have to say about the sex they just had.
Ersties Paola and Candela 24-21 years - Lesbian
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