Ersties Lara S. 20 years - Masturbation (720p/photo)

13-12-2017, 02:58
The 20-year-old Lara just moved from the north of Germany to the capital city. Here in Berlin, she's hoping to realize her big dream of finding a job in the fashion industry – and to discover her personal freedom.
Ersties Lara S 20 years - Masturbation
Ersties Lara S. 20 years - Masturbation (720p/photo)
Ersties Lara S 20 years - Masturbation

Don't Fall in Love!
Lara is 20 years old and a classic example of the modern woman: she doesn't want to think about marriage or having kids, or getting tied down in any way, for that matter. Unfortunately, some guys are too quick with their emotions and get disappointed when they realize Lara can't he persuaded into a relationship. Can you watch these clips without falling for her too?
Ersties Lara S 20 years - Masturbation

Vogue Vagina
Lara has damn good fashion sense, and the outfit she's wearing for her Ersties excursion is especially seductive, bringing to mind the swinging sixties with a touch of fine lace lingerie. She's got something to show us, once we reach a hidden spot along the river Spree ...
Ersties Lara S 20 years - Masturbation

Masturbation with Style
There's something Lara has in common with us. After giving us a preview during our little walk together, she takes us back home with her and shows us the elegant undies she's wearing underneath.
Ersties Lara S 20 years - Masturbation
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