Ersties Ina 29 years - masturbation (720p/photo)

24-11-2017, 06:29
Did you always have a crush on your nurse? Well, you can live out your fantasies now with Ina! This Viennese lady loves to bring her lab coat back home, and she has “healing hands” ... Obviously we can only think about playing doctor!
Ersties Ina 29 years

Playing Doctor on the Danube
Sexy and vibrant – there's no better way to describe Ina from Austria. And she's absolutely radiating that certain Viennese charm. Ina describes herself as a free spirit who hates following rules, her love for adventure apparent from her mischievous grin.
She's been single for the last two months. And even though that means a few wild, unconstrained nights are on the horizon, the hottest for her would be to find someone with whom she can live out her fetish. She enjoys being submissive and likes to take on the Lolita role and let a mature man tell her all about the birds and the bees.
Her previous partner would always get really horny when she'd come home from the doctor's office wearing her lab coat. As a physician's assistant, she certainly knows about bodies, and we'd love to be her naughty patient!
Ersties Ina 29 years

Austrian beauty seeks new master.
In is a very special Ersties girl – her joie de vivre certainly brightens our day! With a certain Viennese charm, she tells us in her interview the kind of words she likes to hear from a lover when she submits to him.
Ersties Ina 29 years

What role do you play?
Ina loves thinking up hot scenes while she masturbates. Above all, she thinks about the kind of role-play she'd like to experience with a man. Her imagination runs wild, further fueling her anticipation. What is she thinking about now?
Ersties Ina 29 years

Those legs, though...
...and her feet ain't bad-looking, either. She has quite an unconventional fondness: Ina loves attention on her feet, an erogenous zone for her. We know it's not for everyone, but in her new clip, you are welcome to take a sniff.
Ersties Ina 29 years
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