Ersties Sofie 22 years (720p/photo)

8-11-2017, 04:08
Ersties Sofie
What’s there not to love about this girl?! Fresh back from India, Sofie is our new favorite hot yoga instructor. She’s got it all: the looks, the style, the moves… and a very interesting sex life she’s happy to share with us! Her first time was great, and it's only gotten better since then. Ordinarily, Sofie radiates a sense calmness. That is, until she starts talking about her amazing boyfriend and all the stuff they like doing in bed. Then she can’t help a little sheepish grin. But then again, who doesn’t love showing off a naughty love bite? That’s what they’re THERE for. And if you look closely, you can even see where he risked the last nibble. But don’t stop there! Her round firm bum has some lovely slap marks of its own to be admired as well.
Yoga is very much a central part of her life. Whether it comes to centering herself, stretching or practicing self-love, she’s down with the entire philo-Sofie (see what we did there?). You can tell by her graceful, fluid movements. She's nearly in a trance, and so are we, just from watching. With flexibility like that, its only natural that she’d incorporate some of her special skills in the bedroom. Grab a pen – you might want to take some notes on some of these awesome positions she’s already tested!
Ersties SofieErsties Sofie

Interview with Sofie
The open hearted Sofie just moved to Berlin and has many things in mind…!
Ersties Sofie

Lucky in Love
With Sofie it’s love at first sight. She’s natural and fun-loving, loves traveling and has been all over the place. Oh and she just got back from India, where she became a certified Yoga instructor. SO HOT! Don’t believe us? See for yourself!
Ersties Sofie

Cundalini & Co.
Sofie’s bed is not only magical looking, its also where the magic happens. At least once a day. At the very least. And now she’s ready for more. Get ready for another lovely romp in the sheets!
Ersties Sofie
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