BackroomCastingCouch Stacey - 11 March 2019 (1080p)

13-03-2019, 00:15
BackroomCastingCouch Stacey
BackroomCastingCouch Stacey - 11 March 2019 (1080p)
Some of the girls we have on the couch are extremely promiscuous and proud of it. Stacey is one of those girls. She's only 18 years old and already fucked about 70 guys and an equal number of girls. We can thank Tinder, "a lot of drunken nights at the hotel" as well as a broken moral compass for molding this bright future leader of America. We made her start by cleaning Vince's ass with her tongue, which she was worried about since she'd never done it before. Then, we got his cock in her mouth, which she sucked like a pro.
BackroomCastingCouch Stacey BackroomCastingCouch Stacey
Next, Vince fucked her perfect pink pussy so good that she squirted (see minute 19:30 in video). During the shoot, I thought I had her talked her into doing anal, but she dodged it at the last minute. I can't win 'em all. Finally, Vince finished in her tight teen pussy (reverse cowgirl), positioned her so that his cum flowed out of her babymaker, then had her reluctantly slurp it all up. She wanted to prove to the producers that she's ready to be a pornstar. She'll just need to find a legit talent agent and get on birth control if she plans on making it in the business.
BackroomCastingCouch Stacey

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