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  • Date: 4-12-2017, 23:39
4-12-2017, 23:39

BackroomCastingCouch Rosie - 4 December 2017 (720p)

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BackroomCastingCouch Rosie
BackroomCastingCouch Rosie - 4 December 2017 (720p)
Watching girl-next-door Rosie - probably the least intimidating security guard on the planet - take it up the ass and cumming from it is such a treat! Spoiler alert: watch her legs and body shake - that is her having orgasms. So what brings this somewhat shy girl to the couch? Low self-esteem, apparently. She actually says that getting into the porn industry would make her feel better about herself (!).
BackroomCastingCouch Rosie
And we can definitely tell during the interview our lovely amateur could use an ego boost or two. The way she handles Vince's assfucking (anal creampie ending) she need not worry - Rosie is doing fantastic. Pornstar material? No. Awesome anal girlfriend or booty call? Hell yeah!
BackroomCastingCouch Rosie

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